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Personal Practices: Silence
Listening to a Musical Performance

In one of the stories of group resonance See Story, a young man in an a capella singing group highlighted the importance for them in taking a moment of silence, after they run on stage and before they begin to sing. In that moment of silence, the members of the group consciously connect with each other and with the audience. The same group has learned to pay attention to the silence that occurs after they finish a song. The group's coach taught them to appreciate that the longer people wait to start clapping, the deeper the resonance they experienced.

You can turn this insight into a personal practice for developing your appreciation of silence as a factor in the shift into collective resonance. Next time you attend a musical performance, listen for the silence in the room when the conductor raises his or her baton or just before the group begins to sing. Listen again for the moment of silence when the music ends, before the applause begins. Notice your own felt sense, and what seem to be happening for the performers and for the audience.

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