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Group Practices: Story
Story-based Group Process Designs

In several of the examples of collective resonance initially studied, the resonance occurred in a group whose main focus or process was the telling of stories. One was a workshop in which the design called for women to speak about their own experiences, first in small groups, then in the entire group. See Story. Another was a group of executives brought together by a doctoral researcher to investigate the transformational journeys of business leaders. See Story. A third was a graduate school professor teaching a course on storytelling as a leadership tool, in which she began by candidly sharing her own story, which then gave students permission to do the same. (Story will be available soon). In these examples the purposes of the groups were quite different, but the outcome in each case was an experience that was personally transformational for participants because of the collective resonance that developed.

Although the link between storytelling and the emergence of collective resonance is new territory, there are many resources available to explore successful group process designs that are based on story or narrative. Some of these are listed below.

SOURCE: Renee Levi, Group Magic interviews. See Renee's Profile [add link to her profile]


Appreciative Inquiry

Mohr, B. and Watkins, J.. Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination. Jossey Bass, 2001.

Whitney, D. and Trosten-Bloom A., The Power of Appreciative Inquiry. Barrett-Koehler, 2003.

The AI Commons is hosted by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, where AI was born. Includes case studies, lists of published research and articles in the popular press. Also includes training materials and interview guides. AI Commons


John Seely Brown, Stephen Denning, Katalina Groh, Laurence Prusak. Storytelling in Organizations: Why Storytelling is Transforming 21st Century Organizations and Management. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004.

The Taos Institute offers courses in both Appreciative Inquiry and narrative practices in cooperation with the Center for Narrative Studies. Taos Institute>

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