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Group Practices: Container Contraction
Containers of Awareness

Sometimes the "container" people report in an experience of collective resonance has no physical demarcation. For example, a police officer in a dangerous encounter described the action as taking place "in a bubble" and that the bubble broke, so to speak, when her back-up arrived at the scene. See Story. This kind of container seems to be fragile, and drawing attention to it in the moment might be enough to destroy the feeling. However, if you notice this sense when you are in an intense group activity, you might have the opportunity later to reflect with others who participated on what they were feeling. Or you might ask colleagues if they ever had a similar experience. Many studies have shown that drawing attention to a phenomenon can be enough to increase its chance of recurrence.

Another practice would be to suggest that when a group leaves a physically constructed container, whether the room they've been in or a football huddle, they carry the feeling of being in the shared container with them.

SOURCE: Renee Levi, Group Magic interviews. See Renee's Profile.

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