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Group Practices: Shared Intention
Emergence of a shared aim
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Sometimes the purpose for which a group of people find themselves gathered may seem ill-suited to developing into collective resonance. The group may be in the same room or place because of disagreements or dissatisfaction with the status quo of their relationships. Or the group may be only coincidentally sharing the same space, with each person focused on their own learning or activity. Even in these situations, it is possible for collective resonance to occur, and there are practices which would make it more likely.

One way in which a group begins to move into shared purpose is when a facilitator, or observant member of the group, helps other participants see that even when people strongly disagree about particulars, they probably share a similar yearning for a desired future--or if nothing else, they share the fact of feeling strongly in the particular situation, of truly caring about something. Sometimes, the insight is that for better or for worse, "we're all in it together", and so we may as well strive for the outcomes to be better rather than worse.

Other shifting factors, such as Vulnerability, Story or Truth, may be employed in or accompany the emergence of a shared aim.

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