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Group Practices: Sound | Vibration
Making music or singing

Some groups enjoy making their own music or singing together, even when this is not the main reason for being together. In the days before home sound systems and MTV, families and friends were perhaps more likely to gather to make and listen to music. If you have musical training, or are comfortable singing despite having no training at all, you might try making music with a group you'd like to bring closer.

One summer a group of acquaintances volunteered for a week of building a house with Habitat for Humanity. Rather than stay in a motel, they rented a large house in a nearby resort community. One evening someone rented a karaoke machine, since none of them played piano or guitar, and they sang for and with each other. Years later, it's the only night they remember from the week!

In large groups or business settings, not everyone may feel comfortable singing. Providing a large assortment of rhythm instruments--hand drums, rattles, shakers, bells--is a non-threatening way for a group to experiment with the power of sound.

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