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Group Practices: Sound | Vibration
Listening to music or rhythm

The power of music and rhythm to induce collective resonance is illustrated in a number of the stories in which music was a natural part of the setting, for example in an a capella singing group See Story. or a movement class (story available soon). Music can be used effectively to shift groups in other settings, and with new options for making custom music collections in portable formats (burning CDs, MP3 format), no group need be without!

Have music playing softly as a group gathers, or when they are engaged in a silent activity.

Even just a small snippet of a well-known song incorporated into a presentation can create a shared moment of recognition, with an accompanying shared emotion.

The voice used in rhythmic speech can also be powerful for a listening group. If you attend religious services, notice the effect of listening to the priest, minister, rabbi or imam praying rhythmically. How can you adapt this to a group you lead or facilitate? Instead of having a minute of silence at the beginning [add link], try reading a poem with a compelling rhythmic quality.

Observe the pattern and pace of speech when you are in a group. Usually as people become more reflective, speaking more from personal experience and their own truth, their tempo slows. Call attention to it when you see this happening: "Dan, I was very moved by what you just said. You spoke slowly, as if chosing your words very carefully. I could tell it was an important story to you."

If you are in a meeting where everyone seems scattered, try speaking rapidly to match their tempo, then take a deep breath and switch to a more deliberate pace between two sentences. If everyone is yelling, try speaking loudly, and then softly.

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