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Personal Practices: Place | Space
Space Clearing Practices

Experimenting with clearing techniques is a good place to begin learning how to create a space with intention, because clearing a room of energy or intentions from previous activities would almost always be performed before setting a new energy or intention.

Many indigenous cultures purify spaces by burning sweet-smelling herbs, such as sage and cedar (one caution: these scents might be misunderstood if you try this in the workplace!). A small pot of burning scent can be carried around the room, fanning the smoke with your hand or a feather, usually moving in a clockwise direction. Leave a window or door open as an exit for the old energies. You could also light incense or place scented candles (be sure the candles are scented with natural essential oils, not artificial fragrance) around the room.

If burning something is impractical or unsuitable, you might find a water-based spray or spritzer at a health food store or aromatherapy shop that includes essential oils thought to have clearing properties.

What is more important than the tool is the intention. You could even walk around the room shaking a bell or drumming two sticks together to make noise--or just silently pretend you have an energy vacuum cleaner moving around the space and leaving it sparkling clean and refreshed.

Try clearing space when you feel nervous or ungrounded or distracted, or after an angry conversation, or after someone's visit makes you uncomfortable. Do you notice a difference afterwards? Try clearing your hotel room when you travel. Do you sleep better?

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