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Personal Practices: Place | Space
History of a Place
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In stories of collective resonance, a shared awareness of the history of a place is sometimes cited as an element helping to shift the group into coherence. How aware are you of the history of the places you find yourself in on a daily or frequent basis?

Pick one or more buildings or locales you frequent. Research its history. Is its history visible in the structure or facade of the building, or in the features of the landscape? Who were the people who occupied that building, or who lived or worked there before that building existed? Does the history of the building and/or place occupy a privileged place in the your personal story about working, living, or visiting there? In the collective story of the current occupants or visitors? Are you aware of connections between history and today's activities? How do you feel when you are in this building or place? Does the history help explain the mood or sense of the place as you experience it? Did your feelings change as you learned more about the history?

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