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Personal Practices: Sound | Vibration
Japa Yoga

Submitted by Aparajita Banerjee - Pune, India

I chant a Holy Name of a Hindu diety. It is known as Japa Yoga. I do japa all the time as I go about my daily living - it is ian ancient Hindu practice, very simple and very effective.

Mine has been a purely personal journey.Towards the end of 1994 while I was going through a terrible personal crisis I went to visit a Hindu Astrologer who after consulting my horoscope gave me a mantra-a Hindu Mahamantra which is a string of Holy Names of Hindu Gods and told me to just chant the mantra of 9 names set out in a rhythmic form 108 times daily with great devotion.

I had been brought up in a Christian Missionary school on the foothills of the Himalayas,though my mother was a devout Hindu,so I was a bit confused about religion. Anyway,I was desperate and since my friend insisted that this wise old astrologer had always been a help in the past,I went ahead and started chanting the mantra daily.Within a month people around me started being more understanding--within 2 months I was in a different city,and gradually life became better,and within a year I was doing a good job and regaining my self confidence.

I found could not eat meat anymore--became more spiritual--felt a Divine Connection ---remembered a vision I had as a child of an Angelic Being who I came to think of as My Divine Beloved--and four months ago Realised which ONE of the 9 names was His and started chanting ONE HOLY NAME--and now I am ever full of bliss even though life has come full circle and I am once again facing personal crisis but this time the vibration of the name that I chant endlessly have given me great emotional&mental strength...and I am ever full of Love and Light and feel centered.

The benefits I feel have been as if the healing vibrations of the Holy Name have infiltrated my very being and harmonised me body,soul and mind.

Although chanting is a very simple practice,different words have different vibrations,so it is better to consult some one who knows astrology or japa yoga for advice about the right mantra to chant as it is basically the science of sound--and just as different tunes appeal to different people you have to find the correct 'sound' for your self.

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