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Group Practices: Shared Intention
The Tipu Ake Lifecycle
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An Organic Leadership Model for Innovative Organisations, Communities and Projects

The Tipu Ake ki te Ora – An Organic Leadership Model from New Zealand – is based on Indigenous Maori concepts; shared by people who have for generations observed that big nature and consider themselves interwoven with all other species an integral part of mother Earth. Simplistically translated it means “Growing from within ever upwards towards Wellbeing”. It is based on the rich Maori concept of ORA (wellbeing) and much more to solidify a collective vision for a well future, then uses that to drive all decisions, behaviours, actions and projects in the present.

The process provides a set of tools that help grow living organizations where collaboration and shared wisdom are the norm. Any situation where a group of people need or wish to get together to create a new space for the future is a place where the process can be helpful. It is based on the metaphor of growth of a tree in the interdependence of a rainforest, so it has strong roots in nature and implications for sustainability. As a cyclic model that focuses on participant behaviours (rather than linear processes), it can add value to any group situation (eg business, commercial, education, health, community, government, social club, family, team) or even individuals.

Organisations, communities, project teams and groups that are able to grow the ability to collectively sense what is going on around them, reflect on this to grow collective wisdom that they can use to better participate in our complex world of interdependence, apparent chaos, and ambiguity. Before this can happen we must as individuals and a group visit that hard and often chaotic place where we question our world views and the assumptions that constrain germination and growth (in the widest sense). From here we may then get a vision of the place or state we collectively wish to grow towards (i.e. Shared Intent). This helps us build a coalition with the courage to start growing the seeds of all the collective and individual paths that will lead us towards it.

Tipu Ake is generously shared on the Web at where you can find stories, videos, Podcast interviews and a wealth of other information.

The summary above is submitted by Peter Goldsbury – Coordinator Tipu Ake Team. All credit and intellectual property belongs to the community at Te Whaiti Nui-a-Toi who share it for the benefit of all the world’s future grandchildren.

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