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Group Practices: Shared Intention
Kabbalah Text Reading

My experience of collective resonance takes place weekly in a Kabbalah Study Group. The system the group utilizes for study originate at Bnei Baruch World Academy of Kabbalah found online at This organization is based in Israel but has groups all over the world, including Toronto which is near to where I live. Our small group of six members is currently studying a text written by the Baal HaSulam (master of the ladder), also known as Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag z"l. We begin by focusing our intention (setting a shared intention) attract Upper Light, be drawn closer to The Source or Creator. Then we take turns reading the text slowly. The vibrational energy feels most powerful when we do not discuss the material, suspending our intellect to just take it in with the intention of attracting light or 'for the sake of the Creator'. We sometimes voice our questions at the end of a longer section of the text. We close with song (sound/vibration) which all members report creates a feeling of 'raising the energy level' surrounding and in us.

Out of curiousity we have tried this with other texts...general inspirational writing...without the same effect. The Kabbalistic texts seem to work best. These would include Bible, The Zohar, Writings of the ARI (Rabbi Yitzhak Luria), Writings of the Baal HaSulam, Rav Baruch Ashlag (son of Baal HaSulam) and Rav Michael Laitman (the current Kabbalist in this lineage). I would encourage anyone who wants to experience this phenomena to register as an online student at Bnei Baruch World Academy for the Study of Kabbalah. Registration (free) gives you access to virtual groups and lessons which are equally as powerful.

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