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Group Practices: Vulnerability
Choosing to Experience Vulnerability
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It is impossible to predict how we will react when we are thrown by circumstance into a situation of vulnerability, one in which the stakes are high, but we do not have all the answers—or perhaps feel like we do not even have our bearings. One of the ways groups can practice and build the trust that allows a group to experience collective resonance is to create or seek situations of vulnerability where at least we have a measure of control in that the situation is one we choose.

A work group might try team-building exercises like a ropes course, or volunteer together. Once the group has experienced vulnerability and how it can lead to a feeling of resonance, the learning can transfer into the work setting.

Or, a group of family or friends might engage in a leisure or recreational experience where there is a built-in dimension of uncertainty. If none of you have expertise, adventure travel companies offer options like offshore sailing or mountain treks.

SOURCE: Renee Levi, Group Magic interviews

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