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Personal Practices: Story

Most examples of groups shifting into collective resonance involve individuals sharing their own stories. Journaling is one way to practice telling your own story. Some people begin journaling to work through difficult times and emotions. Others use a journal as a tool for learning and growth.

Many executive coaches ask their clients to keep a journal to reflect on their business decisions and leadership moments. Many professors, even at the graduate level, are incorporating journals into the classroom, as a way of encouraging students to engage deeply and personally with the material instead of just memorizing it.

Buy a journal that appeals to you. Do you prefer lined paper or unlined? A small hardcover journal you can keep in your briefcase, purse or backpack, or a letter-size spiralbound notebook? Do you have a favorite pen or pencil? Although many people find the practice of writing by hand shifts them into a more reflective, personal mode, others are successful with journaling with a computer word processing program or for the really brave, creating a public blog!

Pick a recurrence that feels comfortable to you. Will you write every morning or evening? Take an hour Friday afternoons to write about your workweek? Schedule it into your calendar!


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