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Group Practices: Spirit
Entering the space of Spirit
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In crossing the threshold of a house of worship, or entering a room in a hospice where family and friends are gathered around the bed of a loved one, can be an experience of entering into a place where Spirit is present. Groups often find themselves in resonance in such a place.

Instead of having a business off-site at a luxurious resort, try having it at a non-denominational retreat center. One group meeting for several days at a hotel conference room took a field trip to a Civil Rights memorial one afternoon. The organizers intended the trip to provoke discussion; the unexpected benefit was that the group's sense of connection shifted when they found themselves together in a place that seemed to them as if it had been "made sacred through suffering."

Another group that puts on an annual educational seminar at a dude ranch takes everyone on a hike to a spectacular overlook on the first morning. There one of the leaders reads various nature writings and poetry intended to draw attention to the mystery and majesty of the natural world, which is bigger than any of our particular human concerns. (The topic of the seminar is nothing to do with nature or the environment). The group returns in a hush that continues through lunch. The first round of workshops begin that afternoon with the group already feeling a sense of intimacy and connection, and group leaders notice that the experience gives people permission to view the topics they are exploring in a higher, even spiritual, context.

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