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Group Practices: Spirit
Calling Spirit

Although it seems natural to invoke a higher power in a religious context, or perhaps within a group sharing a spiritual tradition or practice such as a faith-based non-profit or a yoga class, in other business, educational, or social contexts to do so would be awkward, if not illegal or inappropriate.

Nevertheless, most people have experienced, at one time another, a sense of the presence of something larger, if only the awe one feels in Nature. In a group whose purpose is healing or personal growth, invoking what as a shifting factor I've termed "Spirit" can be done without reference to a specific religious or spiritual tradition.

Similarly, as the saying goes, there are no atheists in a foxhole. In a life-threatening situation, such as workers and residents of lower Manhattan found themselves in on September 11, 2001, calling Spirit by whatever name can bring comfort and resonance to a group.

A group member or leader who is clearly identified with a specific tradition might call Spirit by whatever name or names would be part of that tradition, while making it clear that others are invited to invoke the higher power in their own words.

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