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Group Practices: Vulnerability

In the Group Magic study, an acknowledged feeling of vulnerability was the most widely reported factor influencing the shift of a group into collective resonance. Sometimes the interviewee reported their own sense of vulnerability; sometimes the interviewee noticed it in others; and sometimes the entire group was reported to have been feeling vulnerable because of a planned or unplanned situation.

Vulnerability shows itself in various ways. The sense of vulnerability can accompany “not knowing”: not knowing the answer, or what is next, or what to do, or why we are here, or what has happened. It could be the vulnerability inherent in self-revelation, a personal openness to learning and growth. Sometimes outside factors create a sense of vulnerability: fatigue or illness, danger, difficult conditions, even disaster.

Group Practices for Vulnerability cultivate the magic that is possible in groups when people are willing to let go of control, be open to one another, speak authentically, invite in many sources of guidance, and trust that the outcome will be better than if they were to attempt the task alone.

Click on the links below to explore practices groups can try to incorporate vulnerability in a positive way.

Your own familiarity and comfort level with vulnerability can be critical in facilitating a group from vulnerability into resonance. Click on Personal Practices in the sidebar at left for ideas on how to develop greater personal comfort and familiarity with the positive aspects of vulnerability.

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