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Group Practices: Story

Although silence is a key shifting factor for collective resonance, words can also be a significant factor! Half of the participants in the Group Magic study identified the use of story or storytelling as a factor in the emergence of collective resonance within their group. Whether a storytelling format was used consciously as part of the design of the gathering or whether sharing of personal stories occurred spontaneously within another context, the effect was to help shift the relationships and connections within the group in a positive direction.

Story can be used to facilitate intimacy and trust in a transformational learning context. Sometimes relative strangers thrown together begin to tell stories and experience a similar deep level of intimacy and trust. Story can serve to create a collective memory for an organization or be a vehicle for communication of meaning. Storytelling in a group creates a feeling of wholeness and connection, within and between the members.

Click on the links below to explore how groups use story or storytelling as a practice.

Developing your own skill in storytelling can be useful in facilitating a group into resonance. Click on Personal Practices in the sidebar at left for ideas on personal storytelling practices.

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