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Group Practices: Place | Space

About half the participants in the Group Magic study mentioned that they were aware that either the place, the surroundings in which the group met, or the energetic space between group members had a significant effect on shifting into collective resonance. Some participants identified historical or other significance of the place in which the group met as important, whereas others noted the elements of the space itself, such as its layout, aesthetic beauty, or location in a natural environment. Some participants believed that the feeling within the group occupying the space could be altered by ritual or intent.

It is significant that a spatial element was identified as a component of creating the collective resonance experience. Usually we think of explaining or describing group experiences only in terms of the psychological, spiritual, energetic, or emotional dynamics between people. And yet, given an open-ended interview question about experiences of collective resonance, a large number of respondents began by describing in detail the physical aspects of the place where the experience happened. Being aware of how people are connected to the place they find themselves in and perhaps even to people and events who are part of the history of that place, can help us create positive connections between people in a group.

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Developing your own awareness of place and space can be useful in facilitating a group into resonance. Click on Personal Practices in the sidebar at left for ideas on personal place/space practices.

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