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Personal Practices: Story

Many people who spend their days creating PowerPoint presentations or working with numbers or patient charts spend their evenings reading professional or technical journals. If this sounds like you, a good personal practice might be to make time for reading story.

Joining a book club is one way to make a commitment to reading fiction or narrative non-fiction. One recreational community whose homeowners are mostly weekenders escaping from busy lives in New York City created a popular short-story group that meets on Saturday afternoons, recognizing that its members would be more likely to fit in a weekly story than commit to an entire book, and wouldn't risk missing a monthly meeting. As you read and discuss stories, pay attention to what makes a story good, worth retelling. How are the most memorable, affecting stories structured?

Make sure you take a highly reviewed book of fiction or narrative non-fiction along on your daily commute or business trip. It could also be a short "fable" illustrating business, leadership, or life lessons. If you drive to work, audiobooks are an option. Then experiment with retelling a story that made an impression on you. Tell your spouse over dinner, or a work colleague over lunch. Incorporate the story into your next presentation.

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