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Ginger Charles

Ginger Charles
Ginger Charles, Ph.D. is a patrol sergeant with the Arvada, Colorado police department. She manages 10-15 officers and supervises the training of new police officers. Ginger's doctoral research was on health issues in the police culture. Officers suffer from shorter life spans and greater incidences of divorce, substance abuse, and violence than the rest of the population and Ginger's work seeks to research ways that it can become a healthier community having a healthier approach toward those they serve.

Ginger continues to research, train, write and teach and has established a new doctoral program at Saybrook Graduate School for police professionals called CopDoc. She also conducts workshops and presentations on Verbal Judo, Burnout - Myth or Fact?, Health Issues, and Tibetan Rites. She is also in private practice in the Denver area. She can be contacted at gcharles@ci.arvada.co.us.

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