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Marilyn Veltrop

Marilyn Veltrop
Marilyn Veltrop has been serving as a transformational guide to individuals and groups for ten years. She works primarily with leaders, change agents, and women in midlife. In 1997, Marilyn and her husband, Bill, co-founded Pathfinders, offering guidance to individuals and organizations in evolving "from where they are ... to who they are." Their Pathfinder Circles provide advanced leadership development for those committed to personal, organizational and global transformation. Marilyn also guides a Tending Our Inner Gardens Women's Circle and co-leads with Pele Rouge.

Marilyn's professional background includes twelve years in corporate management and five years as a consultant to individuals and organizations in transition. She holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology, for which her dissertation is entitled Business Leaders in Transition: An Organic Inquiry into Eight Transformational Journeys. Marilyn can be reached at mveltrop@earthlink.net.

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