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Kathleen Dannemiller

Kathleen Dannemiller
Kathleen D. Dannemiller, 1929-2003

"And so, next generation...we pioneers are moving to the next learning environment, and leaving this one to you. My assignment to you, before I go, is the following: Stand on the shoulders of the pioneers who went before you...honor and learn from us...and then spring into the future with new and robust concepts that will be more than we old-timers ever dreamed of. You are the creative minds of this unfolding Millenium."

Kathleen D. Dannemiller was Co-Founder and Partner Emeritus, Dannemiller Tyson Associates. Kathie was a passionate advocate for whole system change for more than thirty years, and a worldwide authority and author on the complexities of whole system change. Kathie touched each person whether they spent a few minutes or a lifetime with her.

To learn more about Kathie's life and her work, Kathie's family has created a professionally edited DVD of her funeral service in addition to several video and audio clips, photographs, and remembrances from friends and families. The proceeds from the DVD will be contributed to a scholarship for new organization development consultants who want to attend a seminar on how to facilitate Whole-Scale Change process. If you are interested in having a copy of this DVD, contact Dannemiller Tyson Associates by phone (734)662-1330, or email, office@dannemillertyson.com.

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