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New Questions

Good research answers questions and asks many more. The following are questions that have come forward from people reading the initial studies. Perhaps they will activate your curiosity.

1. Musical resonance. What is happening between members of an improvisational jazz group when they begin to flow together to create their music? Is resonance guiding the the process? What does it feel like? How do they "know" exactly when their instruments should enter and exit when there is no score to follow?

2. Attention Deficit Disorders. What is happening in a school in Ecuador that is positively affecting the students, particularly those with learning disabilities, and the teachers after sessions in guided visualization and breathing exercises? What is the "magical" change that is felt all over the school? Do practices such as these affect the physical energy entrainment building between the people?

3. Animals. Is it resonance, among other things, that affects their flocking, migrating, and herding behavior? What about animal/human communication on a sensing level? Why did in the animals save themselves by escaping inland during the December, 2004 tsunamis in Asia?

4. How does physical movement, such as in ecstatic dance, enable group resonance and toward what end?

5. Can group resonance be amplified using biofeedback techniques?

6. Can resonance occur long-distance, such as through cyberspace or by telephone lines?

7. Can resonance occur in someone who is reading about the experience of others, particularly in an interview format?

8. Is there a relationship between resonance and economics? This question was asked by two separate economists in different parts of the world.

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